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Business Planning for Sales Consultants

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions



How do I complete the programme?

This programme consists of a number of topics. Complete all the topics to complete the programme. To complete a topic:

  1. Watch the video and read the information manual content.
  2. (In some topics) download additional support documents. Links to these documents appear in the information manual area.
  3. Complete tasks that may appear after the video completes. Most tasks require information to be entered into the business plan.
  4. Press Next when ready to continue and the next topic will appear.

At any time, you may:

  • Select Back to move to the previous topic
  • Select Back to move to the previous topic
  • Select Play / Pause to pause and resume video playback
  • Open the Navigation Menu then select a topic to jump to that topic
  • Select Download Plan to download your business plan for saving and printing
  • Select New Plan to clear the plan and start afresh
  • Select Save and Quit to save your progress and close the programme

How do I enter information into my business plan?

Enter your information directly into the on-screen business plan. To enter information, click your mouse on an area of the plan then type in your information.

I am not a sales consultant, can I use this programme to complete my business plan?

No, this programme is designed to Sales Consultants only. A separate Business Planning for Business Owners programme is available and versions for other roles will become available later in 2010.

Can I save my business plan and continue later?

Yes, select Save and Quit to save your progress and close your business plan. Return to the programme later on the same computer and your progress will be restored.

My business plan is complete, what do I do now?

Once your business plan is complete select Download Plan. Your business plan will open as an Adobe PDF that can be saved to your computer and printed.

Why does my business plan want to print on A3 paper?

Your business plan is created on A3 paper to make it easier to read when printed.

If my computer hangs or crashes will I lose my work?

No, you won't lose your work. Your progress is automatically saved regularly. Simply re-open the programme and your business plan will appear as it was left.

Can I start my business plan on one computer and finish it on another?

No, you must complete your business plan on the same computer. The contents on your business plan are saved on your computer and are not accessible from any other computer. If you must complete your business plan on another computer you will need to start over.

When I begin my business plan it contains someone else's information

This occurs when more than one person uses the same computer with the same user account to complete their business plan.

To start a new business plan:

  1. Check with the owner of the existing business plan that it is complete and has been downloaded and printed
  2. Select New Plan to start a new business plan 

Can I import information from a past business plan into my new plan?

No, it isn't possible to import information from past business plans. All information must be manually typed in.

Can I adjust the volume of videos?

Yes, the video volume can be adjusted by moving the volume slider located at the top right of the window.

What speed of internet connection do you recommend?

A broadband internet connection with a download speed of at least 1.5 MB per second is highly recommended.

Videos never appear, all I see is a spinning disk

A spinning disk animation appears while videos download from the internet. If your internet connection is slow, videos may take a long time to download.

A message appears saying "We couldn't access the content for this topic". What do I do?

This message appears when the your computer cannot make a connection to the internet to download programme content. To continue:

  1. Check your internet connection is working - can your visit www.google.com?
  2. If your internet connection is working, select Save and Quit to save your progress and close your business plan. Return to your business plan and continue.
  3. If the message still appears, close your business plan and return to it later.



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